We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your project. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will help you learn how to purchase stone products for your home. We also share some questions you should ask before selecting your fabricator. 

The steps detailed below are designed to make it easy for you to send us your plans by fax or mail. We then will promptly prepare a preliminary estimate for your project.

Or you can request an In-Home Consultation to have a Stonecrafters associate visit to assist you in the estimate and selection processes.  

Your Initial Design Sketch

Prepare a sketch or drawing of your project showing the size of your sections.  Design

Select the kind/color of material:
Granite or Marble and the product color. View color samples.  This is best accomplished by visiting our showroom or one of our distributors. Our stone products vary in price by color and type.  Our staff will work with you to help determine the right product for both your decor and your budget. 

Select Thickness Selection 

The vast majority of countertop material that we sell is 1-¼” (3 cm) thick.  We also have ¾” (2 cm) materials available.

Half Bull Nose EdgeDetermine Your Desired Edge Style

View these examples to help. Again, a visit to our showroom to view the actual product will make your final decision easier.

Indicate Cutouts

Indicate where cutouts are required for appliances, cook tops and sinks  Determine if your sink will be mounted under or over the surface of the counter.  We stock a selection of the most popular kitchen sink styles to help you save both time and money.

Back Splashes

Determine the height of back splash guards: You will select either: the 4 inch standard height or full height (dimension from the countertop to cabinet bottom or ceiling). 

Send Us Your Info

  • Send us your sketch or drawing along with your completed Estimate Request Form by fax, Email (scan and send) or US Mail for a prompt preliminary estimate. 
  • Or, visit our showroom for assistance from our staff.  

We’re Here to Help

  • Contact us for assistance at any point in the process: (815) 363-8730. Or by electronic mail. The Stonecrafters staff is committed to the success of your project.

Note: our preliminary estimates are contingent on our actual field measurements.